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Hello there, I am Shehan Tissera

Software Engineer and a Tech entrepreneur. This is my private space and I allocate this to share my own experiences and likes.

Currently I am employed at DuoSoftware Pvt. Ltd. as a Senior Software Engineer. Life @ Duo has shed a light on my career development to great heights, allowing me to learn and build based on new technologies and also to experience the industrial standards of how things work. I am a fan of my own creations which keeps me going. There is so much of inspiration all around me. I am glad to be a part of the family.

Please feel free to contact me in any need for help about any technologies I use. I would be glad to have a chat with you. You always can contact me on any of the mentioned methods in the footer area.

Better lite a candle than complain about the darkness  Ajahn Brahm

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